Why the AGC is a Great Resource for the Construction Industry

Construction associations are great hubs for industry-related resources, information, training, and networking opportunities, and there are plenty to choose from across the country.


The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) is just one of many construction associations, but it is the leading association for workers in the construction industry, with divisions in Building, Federal and Heavy Construction, Highway and Transportation, and Utility Infrastructure.Whether you are a supervisor or self-employed contractor, AGC has numerous opportunities to connect with others in your industry or acquire additional skills and training.


AGC chapters offer curricula programs that cover subjects including but not limited to project management, supervisory training, and health and safety, with opportunities to earn certifications within these courses. Its shortest training program consists of one 25-hour unit, while the rest of the programs consist of more units and go into an extensive amount of information.


AGC offers lots of opportunities for connecting within the association, as well as scholarships, volunteer opportunities, and sponsorships. Research initiatives and scholarship programs provide students and educators the chance to contribute valuable knowledge and research to better the industry as a whole.


In addition to connecting members within the association, AGC also provides HR and networking resources. Its career portal currently has over 300 job listings and allows you to directly apply to jobs in the industry ranging anywhere from educators to project managers. AGC is just one of many construction associations, but its extensive base of resources and potential for making connections in the industry makes it a top choice in the country.


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