What Does It Cost To Get Your General Contractor License in South Carolina



Getting started on your journey to becoming a general contractor is always exciting. But you can't become a general contractor overnight. With a new career just around the corner, there is a lot you need to do to prepare. A minimum amount of experience is necessary to apply, and you will have to pass different exams depending on the type of license you want to acquire. All of this requires substantial preparation. The rules and regulations to get licenses will vary by state. Thankfully, if you plan to work in South Carolina, we got you covered! Books, courses, and exam costs all add up. So keep reading to learn how to get started! 




In the state of South Carolina, you can get three different types of general contractor licenses. Residential builder, limited builder, or unlimited building contractor. The license you choose should depend on your current level of experience as well as your desired scope of work. A trade and a business and law exam must be passed for all licenses. To learn more about each license, check out our blog here (link to how to get your general contractor license in south Carolina post). 


Each exam costs $75 and is taken through PSI, which has locations throughout the US. Residential application fees are $100, and commercial application fees are $350. Therefore, applicants should prepare to spend $150 on exams and either $100 or $350 in application fees. To prepare, you will need to either buy or rent books, take some courses and potentially consult a tutoring service. These can get a little pricey. Thankfully Upstryve has got you covered! 


Where should you get your books? 


When preparing for any exam, books are a necessity. But why spend a lot of money on books that will likely only be used for a short period? Don't buy. Opt for book rentals instead! By renting your books through Upstryve, you not only get to save money but you also get access to pre-tabbed and highlighted textbooks. This is important because most trade exams are open book, meaning you can use them during the test. But if you don't prepare your materials beforehand, you'll likely get lost looking for the answer and waste valuable time. Additionally, if you write or tab your book incorrectly, the testing facility might not let you use them at all. Why take the risk? Rent through Upstryve instead! 


Upstryve Packages 


Residential builder package 


The residential builder package costs $1,035 and includes all seven books required for your exams—one book for the business and law exam and 6 for the trade exam. Keep in mind these books are pre-tabbed and highlighted. Also included are all the online courses you will need to take. These are provided through a module system that gives you access to your phone, tablet, or computer. Here, you get hundreds of practice questions and simulated exams. Our team will walk you through each book, demonstrating what type of questions you will see and how to navigate the tabbed and highlighted areas of your books to find the answer you need. Best of all, If you return the books, you get $450 back. Overall, you pay $585 for the whole package, books, courses, practice tests, and our fantastic team for any additional support you may need. 


Limited builder package 


The limited builder package costs $12,055 and includes one business and law book plus nine books for the limited building trade portion. You get a total of 10 books tabbed and highlighted along with your courses, practice questions, and the support system provided in all the packages. If you return your books, you get $540 back. So, in the end, you only pay $715 for the whole deal. 


Unlimited building contractor package 


The Unlimited building contractor package, which requires you to take the NASCLA exam, costs $31,054. In this package, you will receive 23 books for the trade exam and one for the business and law exam. Again, all your books will be pre-tabbed and highlighted. You will have access to your courses through online modules. Included in the courses is access to the instructors and support team for any questions you might have. If you return your books, you will be given $10,080 back. Therefore, the total cost is left at $20,974! For more information on the benefits of being a NASCLA-certified unlimited building contractor, check out our blog here! (Link to other SC blog) 



There is no better time to get started on your journey to becoming a general contractor than now! To learn more about trade careers, testing resources, tutoring services, and much more, visit Upstryve.com!


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