Marketing Strategies for Your Construction Business



Despite their high demand, construction companies seem to struggle consistently with their marketing strategies. How do you get people to notice your work? How can you get new clients through the door or on the phone for a consultation? Let's look at the three networking degrees you have at your disposal. 



1st-degree network

Building and remodeling require trust and assurance between a contractor and a client. Your first-degree network consists of personal connections you can contact directly to offer your services. They will be people you know, trust, and often see in your daily life. Who better to give you your first job than someone who knows you well?



2nd-degree network

Your second-degree network is made up of the people you interact with on a less personal level yet have an established line of communication—for example, an old coworker, your neighborhood delivery man, or a salon worker. 



Your first and second-degree networks are most important as you get your company off the ground. Reaching out to your 1st and 2nd-degree networks will allow you to establish a presence in the industry and help you grow your business' credibility. References will be one of the most valuable tools in your marketing strategy. 



3rd-degree network

Once you have a couple of successful jobs under your belt through your first- and second-degree networks, tackling your third-degree network will be much easier. This network includes people who are introduced to you by a third party or who find you through their own research. 



As your business grows and your clientele expands, most of your contacts will eventually come from your third-degree network. Reaching this network will require you to use your marketing tools effectively. To do this, you must ask yourself the following questions; 



Who is your target market?


As a contractor, there are many different types of projects you can take on. However, not every client is created equally. A contractor that works well with families in the suburbs will not likely have the same experience working with singles in their 20s in the city. Make sure your marketing targets the demographic that you work with best. 



What is the tone of your company?


Establish the tone and personality that you want to portray. The spirit of your company should be reflected in everything. From the language you use when communicating with clients to the design of your website. By creating a consistent image and style, your business will be much better suited to attract clients with the same energy.



What are your communication strengths and weaknesses? 


Excellent communication skills are critical for the success of any business. You will likely find that you are more successful in getting your message across via different forms of media and platforms. If you generate the most positive feedback through writing, consider starting a blog and getting on or creating Facebook groups. For those who do well with visual media, create an esthetic Instagram account with before and after pictures and other images of your work. If you communicate best through videos and talking with people, consider making fun, educational content through Clubhouse, TickTock, and Youtube videos. 



Nowadays, there are seemingly endless opportunities to market your business. Research your options and find the combination that works best for you and your business. 



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