Retirement of Baby Boomers Provides a Huge Opportunity for New Trade Workers

Between the years 2015 and 2025, the number of baby boomers exiting the trade job workforce to retire will keep increasing, creating a huge gap in employment. A recent Gallup study projects roughly 2.7 million jobs emerging from this deficit, yet many of these jobs remain unfilled. Here are a few additional reasons why so many trade job positions are empty, and why this creates an advantage for you if you are seeking those jobs.

Family-based employment & Retirement
Many trade jobs are family-owned businesses going back several generations -- as some generations retire, the newer ones may decide they don’t want to stay in the family business. Though this certainly is not solely responsible for the employment gap, it sheds light on the larger consequences of the baby boomer generation retiring and thus leaving these jobs vacant.

Trade Job Misconceptions
The misconceptions around trade school still deter many people from considering it as an option. One such misconception is that there are very few trade jobs available, which clearly is not the case. Still, the stigma against trade school drives many to choose traditional college instead, perpetuating stereotypes that trade work will be unfulfilling or unprofitable.

Skills Wanted By Employers
Another contributing factor to the gap in trade job employment is that sometimes the skills employers want do not align with the skills applicants possess. For this reason, trade school is even more of a worthwhile consideration, so you can receive the latest training and knowledge about the trade you choose.

Now is as good a time as ever to pursue a career in the trades. Despite the false claims against trade work, there is a huge opportunity and need for trade workers as its workforce exits into retirement.


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