Sales 101: 4 Basic Skills Everyone Should Learn



The majority of people's jobs involve sales, in one way or another. While working in the trades, this might not be as obvious. After all, you might not be going door to door or making cold calls. Yet you likely provide a service or product that requires you to put in some effort to get people to your organization. Success in this area is paramount for any business to survive. But for those with little experience, sales can be an intimidating endeavor. Developing the following four basic skills is a great way to get started. 




Your presence as a salesperson is your greatest asset. The goal is to portray confidence, friendliness, and knowledgeability of your service or product. Accomplishing this requires you to become aware of everything from your voice and word choice to your body language and outfit. Think about how you typically react to people you meet daily. Someone with wrinkled clothes who slouches and fails to make eye contact is not very likely to get you to buy their product. Keep your posture in check and make sure you look professional and put together. Even if you don't see your customers face to face and conduct sales over the phone, remember that your body language is reflected in your voice. Regardless of where you are, making these changes will make a huge difference. 



Build a connection 

When selling a product, you may be tempted to tell your customer everything you know to convince them to buy. However, this approach is often much too overwhelming. People don't want someone to tell them what they want or need with no context. Failing to listen to the customer will be your biggest mistake. You want to build a connection with your clients. You will be much better equipped to close the sale if you understand their needs. So keep your talking points short and sweet, and keep your ears open and attentive. The best sales associates will make their customers feel they are having a casual conversation, not listening to a sales pitch. 




Maintaining a positive attitude should be a priority no matter what you're doing. In a sales environment, receiving negative feedback is a big part of the gig. However, as frustrating as it is, you are not in a position to lose your head. You won't get to close many of the sales you pitch. But if your attitude deteriorates, you risk more than losing out on a commission. Remember that you represent much more than just yourself when on the job. Learn what triggers you most and how to combat these feelings before they get out of hand. Developing strategies to calm yourself down is an essential tool.

Create a system 

Finally, create a system to use as a part of your sales technique. Going into each sale with a set approach will allow you to develop your skills fully. Take your personality traits into account. A method that works for one person will not always work for the next. Use your strengths to your advantage. By developing a routine for gathering and pursuing leads, you will be much more aware of what does and does not work. 

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