Welcome to Upstryve’s Contractor Business Suite

Successful contractor businesses require a high level of organization and management. Like many trades, the hands-on nature of a contractor business makes modernizing with the latest technology seem unnecessary. Often contractors continue to rely on outdated methods to conduct business for years and miss out on the opportunity to maximize their profits. It's wise to keep in mind that while new technology may be intimidating, the right software may be just the tool your organization needs to push it to the next level. 

What is the Contractor Business Suite? 


Managing a business entails keeping track of multiple moving parts. In the end, people want nothing more than a simple solution to keep track of their organization. New technology is on the market constantly, so finding what you are looking for to help you get the job done can seem overwhelming. Upstryve's all-new Contractor Business Suite is unique because it puts everything you need in one place to create an all-around virtual assistant. Everything you need in one place on one platform.

What's included? 




The Launchpad is the first thing you will see when you sign on to the contractor business suite. Here you will be given a link to download the mobile app, where you can manage your business and engage with your leads on the go. You can then quickly move down the checklist, connect your Google My Business account, social media, and payment processor, and add employees and team members. 




Your dashboard is there to help you gain a deeper understanding of your business. You can estimate the potential value of your sales pipeline through the information found under opportunities, pipeline value, and conversion rate. Use this information to set goals for you and your team and maximize your earnings. 




Under this tab, you will see all the conversations your company has had with anyone over text, call (phone recordings are available), social media, or on your website. Track your sales team, keep conversations on record in case of a dispute, and improve customer service by reviewing customer interactions. Additionally, if you require a business phone number, it may be provided to you through the software.




A calendar may seem very straightforward. However, your ability to customize and create calendars to fit specific needs makes the Contractor Business Suite calendar especially useful. Use as many calendars as you need. There is no limit on the number you can create. Through this, it's easy to make appointments, add notes, and send automated reminders for you, specific members of your team, and your clients —all under one tab. 




This tab will be your CRM or customer management tool. Anyone contacted or who contacts your business will automatically be registered in the system. Once registered, you may automatically or manually add notes, tags, and special offers to individual contacts. Take advantage of our special features like the contractor cam. This adds another level of communication by allowing you to take before and after pictures when out in the field. These images will populate your clients' contact project folder from the mobile app. This will make it easy to keep your client up to date on their project or to show a potential client your previous work. Finally, once the job is done, send a request to your clients for a five-star review. This can be done on both the contacts and the reputation tab. Once completed, the review will be posted directly to your Google My Business account and can be beneficial to your business's SEO. 




The opportunities tab displays your sales pipeline. Segment your leads based on where they are as a potential client. As they come in, they will be listed under New Leads. Once confirmed, they will move to booking confirmed, and when the service has been fulfilled, they will be moved over to sold. Here the software will tally everything up and show you how much revenue has been made so far, as well as how much revenue you have in holding. You will notice each potential client will have value next to it. This is the estimated potential value of that lead. 




Through the payments tab, easily click on the new invoice button and create a customizable invoice that connects to your payment processor on file. Send your invoice via text or email to ensure you get paid quickly. Additionally, under this tab, you may easily review your incoming orders and transactions and set up your products and tax settings.




Get back to clients immediately through automated messages through the website Chat Widget. Any website messages get sent straight to both your opportunities tab as well as your contacts tab. Customize the interactions with your clients to fit your specific needs. Get creative, create task reminders, Facebook form submissions, and automatic notifications, and customize the lead's opportunity based on their requests. 




Social media marketing can give you a massive advantage in this age of technology. However, being on many platforms and posting consistently can be a time-consuming task. Through the marketing tab, you can save time. You can link up all your social media platforms in one place and schedule your posts on all your accounts in the marketing planner. 




Your website is one of the most essential tools a company has. Through this tab, easily create and customize your website to fit your business. A template will be set up and ready to go. So, make as many websites as you need. There is no limit. As a contractor with multiple sites, this can be a very effective way to save money and keep track of all your sites in one place. 




Under the reporting tab, you can quickly and easily review all your analytics and numbers in one place. Analyze your campaigns to make sure you are not overspending on marketing. This could include Google or Facebook ads. Knowing your numbers is imperative, so keep an eye out and monitor your outreach, audience, and other key statistics to maximize your spending. 

Office work is a tedious part of any trade business. With the Contractor Business Suite, you can focus on your business, knowing that you have everything you need organized and ready to access on your computer. If you would like to schedule a free one-on-one demo, head to contractor.upstryve.com and click on schedule a free product tour. Each business has specific needs, and no matter your situation, we are confident that we can find a way to make this software work for you. 


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