Greg Schmidt



 Greg Schmidt has worked in the Electrical Industry since the late 1980s. He started studying the NEC in 1987. In 1990, Greg joined the United States Coast Guard and studied shipboard, motors both DC & AC and theory. 

He was first licensed as an Electrical Journeyman in 1993. Later, he began teaching fellow friends and workers how to use the codebook and study questions. Greg has sat on many boards including test question boards and has also held many different licenses with the state of Texas before the state took over licensing in 2002 for HVAC and 2004 for Electrical. He has held a Texas Masters Electrical license since 2004 and a Texas Master Type A HVAC license in 2011. Greg has an extensive background in industrial and commercial in both electrical and HVAC. 


Over 30 years of electrical experience and 10 years in HVAC. 


  • Journeyman Electrical
  • Master Electrical
  • HVAC


Texas Electrical Journeyman

Texas Masters Electrician

Texas Type A HVAC License 



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