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REVIEW: ★★★★★

"ing, very knowledgeable and has a teaching system that really works! she would answer all my emails and every question i had. I took a private tutoring class and was in her class every week for 2 months and passed my business and finance test with a high score and plenty of time the first time, she even gave me advice for my next test, took a class with instructor Andrea whom was also very helpful and passed Roofing trade knowledge test the first time as well. I couldn't be happier."

REVIEW: ★★★★

"I arrived at Ms. Fay Bamond’s Business and Finance class having not sat in a class room in 30 years. With her awesome instruction and tutoring, a system for success, and professional expertise, 1 Exam Prep helped me to achieve my Commercial"

REVIEW: ★★★★★

"I took several courses at different exam prep schools, but 1 Exam prep was the only school that fit perfectly for my learning style. My instructor Fay Bamond, went above and beyond to ensure her students would pass the exams. Her teaching"